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The Uncommon Woman by Susie Larson

The Uncomman Woman: Making an Ordinary Life Extraordinary image The Uncomman Woman: Making an Ordinary Life Extraordinary by Susie Larson

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The Uncommon Woman is one of thee best books for woman I have ever read. And I do not say that lightly. I have read enough great books for women's living that I consider it hard to compete with the authors I have come to love; but Susie Larson has become a favorite of mine.

This book challenges women to be uncommon and explains what that means and how to make it a reality in your own life. Each chapter is followed by several discussion questions and action steps that really probe the heart and soul. I enjoyed the honest and fresh look that Susie takes on subject we face every day in our lives as women. I appreciated her own examples and testimony and was encouraged greatly by them.

While this book does not flow as well as some books do, and is actually hard to "get" without reading the whole book, it packs a punch for when you do read the whole thing. It digs deep and makes you think but in easy-to-grasp terms. The Uncommon Woman could easily be read in an afternoon - but you won't want to - you'll want to soak in this book and re-read portions as it encourages you to be the woman God wants you to be: the uncommon one. The one who is willing to live for Him, the one who is willing to bow down.

You will walk away from this book, as I did, with a renewed desire to live the extraordinary life rather than the ordinary one the world says is so good.


Imagine yourself in a pool of strong swimmers, all swimming clockwise. You, a Christian woman, are swimming counter-clockwise...counter-cultural, if you will. This book is for the woman who longs to rise up out of the stereotypical behavior of gossip, insecurity, pettiness, and small dreams. She has an unfulfilled desire to be someone who goes against the grain of the common for the sole purpose of living a life with conviction. The woman who reads this book is ready to believe in her deep value, ready to accept her high calling, and ready to make a difference in a world in need of her influence. Go ahead, swim against the stream to become The Uncommon Woman.

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  1. Well, now I have another book to add to my "to read" list! Thank you so much for introducing me to your blog - I just love all these books I'm finding not only for me, but for the kids as well! I'm a huge fan :)


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