Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Making Money from Home by Donna Partow

Making Money from Home: How to Run a Successful Home-Based Business image Making Money from Home: How to Run a Successful Home-Based Business by Donna Partow

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Making Money from Home is a personal coach in "soft cover" format for helping you to make money from the comfort of your own home. Donna has given us a thorough, informative, and extremely practical guidebook on the steps to getting started and maintaining a home business.

I began reading this book with the mindset that I would learn how to make some extra money on the side while staying home. While I picked up many tips and ideas to help me accomplish this, I would say the main focus of this book is about building a bigger business than just some "extra cash". It shows you how to build a career from working at home.

This is the perfect handbook and encouragement for those who work outside the house and want to make the jump to working from home. I found chapter 10, on legal and financial issues, to be very helpful as it took some deeper topics and made them simple to understand. And I also greatly appreciated the chapter on E-bay which literally gives you the step-by-step knowledge of how to make it work for you.

Donna makes the whole process sound so easy. Maybe even too easy. I could understand someone getting either hyped-up or discouraged by reading this book. Remember that working from home is not for everyone. In fact, the one thing that I didn't like about this book was that I felt the benefits of working from home were overemphasized and in doing so, the role of a homemaker was downplayed. At times the message of the book seemed to be flirting with the line of greed and traditional homemakers may not agree with Donna's philosophy. Having everything the way you want it is not as easy as Donna presents it to be.

However, this book is not just for the homemaker looking to bring in some cash, it can be read by anyone - male or female, married or single. The questions at the end of each chapter are some of the best "discussion questions" I have ever seen in a book. They are practical and applicable; truly aiding in the understanding of the book on a personal level. Anyone wanting extra money or a full-time job can glean from this book, but I would recommend it more to someone who wants to seriously pursue a full-time job from the home setting.

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This review copy was provided by Tyndale House Publishers in connection with Donna Partow. The opinions expressed are purely my own and my thoughts were no way influenced by the publisher or the author.


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