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Are You Keeping A Secret by Kara Baker

Are You Keeping a Secret?: Finding Freedom from Hidden Issues That Can Ravage Your Lifeimage Are You Keeping a Secret?: Finding Freedom from Hidden Issues That Can Ravage Your Life by Kara Baker
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Finding Freedom from Hidden Issues That Can Ravage Your Life and I think that is the best tag line this little book could have.

I don't know how to put into words exactly what I was expecting to read, but this book wasn't that. Instead I read about issues that I had never thought of before as a "secret" in my life and as I read through this short and easy-reading book I was impacted.

Overall, this small book is short and to the point and fairly vague at the same time that it is being specific. Kara uses a lot of poems and allegories to share her message rather than deep theories and heavy reading paragraphs. The book is divided into 4 sections with 2 to 3 chapters per section for a total of 103 pages. Are You Keeping A Secret? is a stepping stone to finding deeper help and/or healing for the issues you face.

I respect Kara's writing and the way she makes you stop and think about your own life but I disagree with a bit of her thoughts on forgiving yourself. However, it's not a big enough deal to say "not to read it". Instead, I think there are some people - specifically women - who will benefit from this book.


Are You Keeping a Secret? takes women on a journey from the bondage of secrecy to freedom in Christ. Along the way author Kara Baker shares her testimony through personal accounts, allegorical stories, and poems that not only express her personal journey, but also cut to the heart of the reader's own life. Kara’s journey includes taking an honest look at the issue of secrecy. Follow along and learn about:

* The anatomy of a secret
* The reasons we keep secrets
* The things we keep secret
* How secrets are created
* The dangers of keeping secrets

Take an honest look at your own heart and mind to see if you have been covering something up that needs to be uncovered in order to be healed. Accept the challenge to be honest with yourself about what goes on behind the closed doors of your heart and mind. Finally, find the confidence to address these issues, and move forward in your relationships with friends, family, and with God.


Kara Baker grew up in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota until age 13 when her family relocated to Hillsboro, Oregon. In 1984 she graduated from Glencoe High School and in 1988 she graduated from Western Oregon University with an Elementary Ed. Degree, and a specialization in Early Childhood Education. Kara worked for four years as a Head Start teacher/home visitor and has volunteered as a Women’s Ministry Coordinator.

Kara's mix of educational and ministry training, plus her keen personal insight, enables her to share her story in her book, Are You Keeping a Secret? - Finding Freedom From Hidden Issues That Can Ravage Your Life. Through the use of personal testimony, allegorical stories, and poems, Kara shares her journey in hopes of encouraging others to take that first step towards freedom, health, and healing.

Her teaching certification and ministry readiness classes have given Kara a solid base of training in the area of human development and the issues of heart and mind. As well, her personal experiences as a teacher and as a volunteer in women's ministry programs provide her with the wisdom and experience to deal with specific issues common to women from all walks of life. Kara's heart is to draw women into a close encounter with Jesus Christ so He can heal them from the inside out.

Currently Kara is a student at the Institute of Ministry and Leadership held at her church. She enjoys creative arts and working at outreach events to help people in need. Kara and her husband have one daughter and currently reside in Beaverton, Oregon.

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This review copy was provided courtesy of WinePress Publishing but all opinions expressed are my own.

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