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When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton Is Empty by Jackie Johnson

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Jackie Johnson gets right to the heart of the matter with this in-depth, yet incredibly simple and practical book on dealing with the emotions of a break-up from a woman's perspective. When Love Ends walks readers through four stages of handling a break-up and recovering from the loss of this close relationship. As Jackie takes you through Twilight, Night, Dawn, and Day you will come to a better understanding of how you can heal from the hurt and grow closer to God through the entire situation.

While the main focus of this book is on break-ups between a dating couple and is geared toward the single woman, I think any woman can read this book and benefit from the biblical truth of how to deal with difficult relationships. My personal favorite was chapter 6 on the topic of forgiveness and I appreciated Jackie's gentle and loving approach in this chapter and through out the entire book.

Each chapter of this book is helpful, insightful, truthful, encouraging and full of God's Word. Jackie's mix of personal stories, sharing of Scripture, and practical application along with thought-provoking questions make this a great book that you will read and refer to again and again.

I highly recommend this book to any single woman college-age and older as well as any woman looking for a good book addressing tough aspects of relationships. When Love Ends will help you heal from past break-ups or prepare you for when they do happen.


Losing a hope-filled dating relationship is a stressful and painful event. And when it seems to occur again, again, and again, is ice cream the only refuge for a Christian single?

As one who has walked this road before, author Jackie M. Johnson says an emphatic "no!"

While most books for singles tell readers how to get the next guy, When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton is Empty encourages a healthy healing process. Practical and biblically based, each chapter guides the reader through a metaphorical day of restoration. Twilight recognizes and deals with endings, night validates and grieves the loss, dawn awakens hope, and day is the new beginning based on the solid assurance of Christ. When Love Ends will help heal your heart -- and help change your life.

Chapters conclude with discussions questions for individual or group study, helpful Bible verses, and a prayer.

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This review copy was provided courtesy of Moody Publishers, but the opinions expressed in this review are my won.


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