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Alone In Marriage

Alone in Marriage: Walking with God When It's All Up to Youimage Alone in Marriage: Walking with God When It's All Up to You by Susie Larson
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I didn't even have to finish the first chapter of this book to know that it was a good book.

Really good.

Like the overview below says, there are many books available for those who have crumbling marriages, yet few for those who are committed to sticking it out no matter what. Susie Larson comes along the woman who is lonely, frustrated, angry, bitter, hurting, or fearful and wraps her arms around her while sharing where, how, and why the Bible has answers.

While I have had and do have a great marriage to my husband, Justin, there still have been moments when I have felt slightly alone. This books is encouraging for any woman no matter the degree, length, or circumstances surrounding her feelings of being along in her marriage. Every marriage will go through seasons of this and Susie has written this book to be there for you in those times.

She deals with the real emotions you feel - anger, self-pity, fear, and worry. And she also shows us how God can use our disappointments, loneliness, and more to help us grow in our walk with Him.

This book is easy-to-read and has such a comforting feel and flair to it. Each chapter is ended by practical application for the hard situation you may find yourself in as well as a little homework to get you into God's Word concerning your problem. And don't let that scare you from reading it!

Maybe you are just so busy you feel like you and your husband are sort of just drifting along and that causes you to be lonely in your marriage. Or maybe you are at complete odds and feel all alone in a marriage made for two. Whatever your situation and circumstances...please, please, please go buy this book and read it. If you can relate to the title of this book in the tiniest's meant for you.


Books abound for those whose marriages are crumbling or have ended. But what about those marriages committed “’til death do us part” and yet are going through a period of time when one spouse is carrying the burden? What happens to a woman when marriage gets heavy and she gets weary? Often, when a woman ends up carrying the weight of the marriage (due to her husband’s health, choices, workload, etc.), her tendency is to “get out or check out.”

She may consider her husband’s distraction an opportunity to do her own thing. But is there a better way to walk through this season? Even thrive? Susie Larson stands in as an encouraging friend, walking with you, helping you to discern how anxiety and anger will slow you down; and how loneliness and disappointment can actually refine and bless you. You will be challenged and inspired as you wrap your arms around this time and remember that God has His arms around you.

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This book was provided for review courtesy Moody Publishers but the opinions expressed are my own.  You can purchase this book here.

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