Monday, October 24, 2011

Mandy’s 2012 Reading List

imageThere are still two months left in this year of 2011, but I am anxious already to roll into the next year.  It is not just because I like the the fresh start of a new year, but because I am so excited to jump into my first ever, planned out, reading list for the year!

After I read this great book and responded by writing up my own reading priorities, I finished the process by compiling an official reading list for myself based on my new found reading priorities.  Are you sitting there wondering what I plan to read this coming year?  *expectant grin*

Oh, alright! So you’re not…but just humor me and pretend to be waiting anxiously, okay?  *grin*

Here is my…

2012 Reading List

Foundational Reading: (Scripture)

1. Old Testament – 3 chapters per day

2. Gospels (Matthew – Acts) – 1 chapter per day

3. New Testament: Book of the month

Structural Reading: ( Identity In Christ)

1. Basic Theology

2. Theology of Christian Counseling

3. The Gospel For Real Life

4. Cross Talk

5. The Attributes of God

6. Idols Of The Heart

Mechanical Reading: (Spiritual Understanding)

1. Competent To Counsel

2. Instruments In The Redeemers Hands

3. Women & Men of Faith: John & Betty Stam

4. Men of Faith: Martin Luther

5. Men of Faith: Charles Spurgeon

6. The Christian Counselors Manual

Interior Reading: (Personal Growth)

1. Womanly Dominion

2. Getting to the Heart of Friendships

3. Designing A Lifestyle That Pleases God

4. Becoming A Woman Who Pleases God

5. Feminine Appeal

6. Everyday Talk

Exterior Reading: (Skill Sharpening)

1. A Handbook for Minister’s Wives

2. Building And Effective Woman’s Ministry

3. Critical Stages Of Biblical Counseling

4. 30 Days to Understanding The Bible

5. Practicing Hospitality

6. It’s So You!

Finishing Reading: (Wholesome Enjoyment)

1. Leota’s Garden

2. John MacArthur (bio)

3. He’s Been Faithful

4. Surprised By Laughter

5. And The Shofar Blew

6. Generation Change


And if I manage to finish this fabulous books, I still have a whole shelf full of more to read! 


I know you may not have a detailed plan like this, but what about making a list of 5 books to read?  What books are on your list…small or big…for next year?

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