Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Pastor’s Wife by Jennifer AlLee

The Pastor's Wife image The Pastor's Wife by Jennifer AlLee

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Okay Ladies, here's the deal about this book...

It is a fun, witty, and charming story of forgiveness and reconciliation between a Pastor and his wife. And it has one wonderfully appealing cover, too! I enjoyed the simple story line and the unexpected twist it took. The characters were likable and the story brought to life the real challenges of a ministry couple. It was a fun and touching read that I enjoyed especially since I am a Pastor's wife.

However, while I liked the overall book, there were some details that I didn't appreciate as much. I hold to some differing theological beliefs than what where conveyed in this story and I thought that there were some points that could have been stronger. Also, I recognize that this book is intended for adult woman, but I know that many teens read adult fiction and so on that note I would caution teen girls not to read this book due to one conversation that takes place. It's not that the conversation was wrong, but simply not appropriate for teens.

The author’s writing is enjoyable and is an entertaining read, but this book may not be for everyone or may be one that you just borrow.

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This review copy was provided courtesy of Abingdon Press, but the opinions expressed our strictly my own.

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